Stephanie Britt

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(585) 672-3549

Operations Manager

There’s a lot to be said about all that right brain, left brain stuff. They say you’re either right or left brain focused. Well, every test that I’ve ever taken has me right smack down the middle – equal parts right and left. That does not surprise me. I’ve always had a passion for creative problem solving, having been in an Odyssey of the Mind program from elementary school to my senior year of high school. For years, my team was challenged to go beyond conventional thinking to solve STEM problems in the most creative way possible.


I think that’s why majoring in marketing communications was a natural fit for me – it brought me back to my roots – and it’s fun. After college, I was hired at a boutique public relations firm in Los Angeles to work on publicity for major motion picture cinematographers. 

Since then, I’ve spent the majority of my career working as an account manager at two well-known local ad agencies. Being in this specific role allowed me to once again use both sides of my brain by working with clients to help them develop marketing programs centered around their company’s goals and objectives. My job was to make sure projects remained on strategy, on time, and on budget. For 15 years, I helped launch some very cool and successful marketing campaigns. But my favorite ones were always centered around helping others live a better life – encouraging people to quit smoking, preventing life-threating diseases, and helping young kids stay healthy. 

After leaving the ad agency world, I was hired at United Way of Greater Rochester where I restructured their operations process and reorganized the way deliverables flowed through the office. I employed some strategies, which ultimately streamlined the way departments worked with each other and we became a more cohesive and efficient team. 

During this time, Eric Britt, President of Ives Park Investments, decided to open his own financial practice and was looking for an operations manager. He asked me if I knew of anyone for the job that might be a good fit. My response was: “yeah, me!!” I love helping people, I love problem solving, and I love to project manage. And that’s how my role at Ives Park Investments started. 

I have two passions outside of work – cancer research and kids. My past volunteer work includes Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester and American Cancer Society. I currently sit on the Board of the YMCA. When I’m not working or volunteering, I’m focused on my family, which includes two small children, Lincoln and Andie, and our dog, Georgie.