About Us

A boutique practice focused on research ,investing & planning

Our story

I entered the financial industry in 2007 and quickly learned that it was not about investing but about getting clients.

That’s when I knew my life was going to take a different path and I was going to have to branch out on my own to be able to serve my clients in a way that wasn’t necessarily promoted in my industry.
By forming Ives Park Investments, we will move away from the “more” mentality of my industry and be able to focus on what we deem important for clients – research, investing and planning. We will purposely stay a boutique practice and take on clients that see the value in our vision.

The reason our name is Ives Park INVESTMENTS is because we focus on investing. And we focus on that because we love it. We are drawn to it and we have dedicated our life to becoming better at it.

About Eric

Thinking back on my life, I’m pretty sure I inherited my passion for investing from my grandmother. An immigrant from Scotland who came to the U.S. with nothing, my grandmother saved her money from waitressing and invested smartly.

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Eric Britt


About Stephanie

There’s a lot to be said about all that right brain, left brain stuff. They say you’re either right or left brain focused. Well, every test that I’ve ever taken has me right smack down the middle – equal parts right and left.

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Stephanie Britt

Operations Manager

Our Mission

Our mission is to understand your life-long milestones and goals. In order to do that we take the time to ask hard, smart questions to uncover where you stand today and where you want to be tomorrow…and years beyond. Knowing that sometimes it’s hard to see that distant future, it is our job to help guide you in the direction that helps you and your family see what is possible and ultimately reach your goals.