Our investment approach

Minimizing risk and maximizing opportunity.

Investment Approach

At Ives Park, we’ve spent years studying investing – not studying the art of the sale or how to get more clients.
As a result, we believe that we have a different investment approach:

Blended Risk and Opportunity

We focus on blending risk and opportunity in portfolios. In order to accomplish this, we have to completely understand each investment in the portfolio.
Our time is spent focusing on minimizing risk and maximizing opportunity.
In fact, you may be surprised by what we think the riskiest part of your portfolio is.

Logical Personal Portfolios

We believe that often current portfolio construction can be flawed because it’s focused on owning a piece of everything vs. “Is this a good investment?” Traditional portfolio diversification strategies are not followed at Ives Park.
We build specific portfolios for each client. We invest in brands, products, services, infrastructure, that are crucial to modern society.