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Ives Park Investments is a NY based boutique financial practice overseeing and coordinating the financial investments of individuals and business owners throughout the United States.
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Meet Eric and Stephanie

Eric Britt


Thinking back on my life, I’m pretty sure I inherited my passion for investing from my grandmother. An immigrant from Scotland who came to the U.S. with nothing, my grandmother saved her money from waitressing and invested smartly. Little did I know that her (sometimes unsolicited) advice about saving and investing in my early childhood would resonate with me well into my adult life...

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Stephanie Britt

Operations Manager

There’s a lot to be said about all that right brain, left brain stuff. They say you’re either right or left brain focused. Well, every test that I’ve ever taken has me right smack down the middle – equal parts right and left. That does not surprise me. I’ve always had a passion for creative problem solving, having been in an Odyssey of the Mind program from elementary school to my senior year of high school...

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